Bid Requirements


  1. The HACYPAA bid package consists of documentation showing that the committee has met the bid requirements. A finalized bid package must be provided to the Advisory Chairperson in PDF format no later than seven days prior to the start of the Bid Presentations. 
  2. Bidders are encouraged to submit their bid packages for feedback, in full or in part, at any time during the bid year. The deadline for receiving feedback is one month prior to the Bid Presentations. Committee will respond with feedback no later than two weeks prior to Bid Session. 
  3. Supply a list of large­ scale AA and non-AA activities (i.e. ICYPAA, State YPAAs, Regional Forums, Area Assemblies, NA conferences, sporting events) that are scheduled near the proposed conference dates in an effort to demonstrate due diligence and avoid conflicting with other events.
  4. Include commitments from at least two appropriate facilities so sized as to be able to accommodate the entire conference. The facility commitments should include proposed dates, room rates, room block, sliding scale, food and beverage prices, coffee prices, parking fees, electrical charges, taxes and service charges. Also include a diagram of the facilities, function and meeting spaces with their respective capacities. All costs related to the facility, both to the Committee and to the attendee, must be outlined­. 
  5. Provide at least two quotes for audio­visual equipment and services that coincide with the committee’s tentative conference program, budget, and dates at each facility. AV bids must include line item costs of equipment, labor, and transportation.
  6. Produce a concise summary of research on federal, state, provincial or local tax/business laws applicable to HACYPAA should the committee be awarded the conference.
  7. Provide the Advisory Committee a projected layout of the conference program including speakers, panels, marathon meetings and entertainment during the conference.
  8. Bid Committee will establish a bank account. The bid packet will include a detailed cash flow statement using a spreadsheet, preferably Excel. Show examples of financial autonomy and the 7th Tradition.
  9. Bid Committee will have a minimum of three fundraising events as a Bid Committee. The bid package will contain a description of each event and the income raised from those events. Show how these events support the legacies of recovery, unity and service. 
  10. Provide service resumes of all members of the Bid Committee. These will include sobriety date, homegroup, previous service experience and current position on the Bid Committee. 
  11. Bid Committee will provide a letter of support from both the Area Chairperson and District DCM. 
  12. The bid packet must include a statement detailing why this area needs the next HACYPAA conference. 
  13. Supply written acknowledgement that the prospective bidder(s) has read, understands, and agrees to comply with the requirements as written in the Host Committee Responsibilities.
  14. Present a temporary pre­-registration flyer with website, email and mailing address. It must state that the conference dates and location are TBD. 
  15. Bid Committee will show a schedule of proposed dates for Host Committee Elections. Show the HACYPAA Advisory Committee how you intend to operate as a Host Committee (i.e. who can vote, attendance policy, outline of agenda) and which positions the Host Committee will have. Include position descriptions. 
  16. Give a presentation to the Advisory Committee detailing why your state should host the next conference. Have all members on Bid Committee prepared to answer questions from the Advisory Committee. The presentation is to be 7-10 minutes long followed by question and answer.