HACYPAA was conceived at the 2014 WACYPAA (Western Area Conference of Young People in AA), and was later founded in Omaha, Nebraska on April 26th, 2014 at the 1st NCYPAA (Nebraska Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) in a meeting of AA members from around the Midwest region to be served by HACYPAA.

The purpose of HACYPAA is to strengthen unity in Young Peoples Groups in Alcoholics Anonymous in the Heartland area of North America. The focus is especially to bring an annual regional young people’s conference to the region that did not yet have one. The HACYPAA Advisory Council and the members of the Conference will encourage the participation from all the states within the scope of the Conference. All bids will be given equal consideration regardless of size, population, or location. We recognize that not all AA members will find our conference necessary to their recovery from alcoholism; we seek only to provide it for those who find it desirable.

At the Omaha meeting a temporary advisory council was created by electing two AA members from each state to serve for the purpose of electing a host committee for the first Heartland Area Conference of Young people in Alcoholics Anonymous. The first official advisory council business meeting was held in Oklahoma City at the 34th annual OKYPAA (Oklahoma Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous).  At that meeting the region was defined as the states of: N. Dakota, Minnesota, S. Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Each year, the conference must be held within this region

The 1st Bid sessions were held in Osage Beach Missouri at the 9th MOSCYPAA (Missouri Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) in February 2015. DFW Texas, Rapid City South Dakota and Oklahoma City Oklahoma created bid committees to potentially host the 1st HACYPAA.   HACYPAA 1 was held in Midwest City Oklahoma on March 14th 2016.

A bid session will be held annually at each subsequent HACYPAA where a site will be chosen for the next year’s conference. Any group of three or more AA members from within the region is welcome and encouraged to bid for a chance to host a HACYPAA in their local area.

Since its inception, a growing group of people both traditionally young and young at heart have intimated involvement with the conference either by bidding, hosting or as attendees. The number of young people suffering from alcoholism who turn to AA for help is growing, and HACYPAA helps to carry AA’s message of recovery to alcoholics of all ages. This meeting provides an opportunity for young AA’s from all over the world to come together and share their experience, strength, and hope as members of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA members who attend an HACYPAA return home better prepared to receive young people who come to AA looking for a better way of life.

HACYPAA and its attendees are committed to reaching out to the newcomer, and to involvement in every other facet of AA service.  HACYPAA participants can often be found serving at the regional, state, area, district and group levels. Newcomers are shown, by people their own age, that using AA principles in their daily lives and getting involved in AA service can have a significant impact on a lasting and comfortable sobriety. The three legacies of AA -- Recovery, Unity, and Service -- are the backbone of HACYPAA, just as they are throughout AA.

Each year, AA conferences provide overwhelming evidence that large numbers of alcoholics are achieving a lasting and comfortable sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous. These conferences offer an environment for celebration of our sobriety, as well as an opportunity to meet and share experience, strength, and hope with AA members who reside in areas other than their own.

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